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Professional Quality & Reliability



Professional Quality & Reliability

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Sometimes, a translation is not enough, as differences from one country to the other mean a concept needs to be adapted to make sense.


Having lived in the UK for now 30 years, but still closely connected to my native country, I have the knowledge needed to ensure your concept will make sense whether in France or in the UK.

English - French translations by a qualified professional with previous experience in the following fields of expertise:


Proof-reading and Editing

Proof-reading / Editing are tasks that need a keen eye for detail. They demand a lot of respect for the author’s work and must result in a natural text that is fully understandable.


The aim of proof-reading is to check the accuracy of a translation, its grammar, spelling and syntax and that it is correct and faithful to the source text and author. The translation should read like an original text in that language.

Training and Mentoring

My experience as a teacher and as an assessor for the ITI gives me a real opportunity to guide students in translation and help them develop the skills they will need to acquire to achieve a professional level of expertise.


My proof-reading experience gives me an advantage when reviewing student works, establishing patterns and mistakes to iron out whilst building on the positive and encouraging progress.

Into French

Into French