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Françoise Vignon



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Into French

Into French

Sox at work

Françoise is a French native speaker born and bred in Orléans.


Françoise lives in Cheshire where she works with the help of her cat Sox!


Françoise volunteers at her local rugby club, where her husband Nigel and son Luc play.

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Françoise is a qualifed translator, member of various professional organisations:


- Institute of Translation and Interpreting

- Chartered Institute of Linguists

- Société française des traducteurs.

- Aprotrad


Françoise has always got a book on the go.  She also reads magazines and newspapers. Reading is not just a great pastime, it is also essential to keep current in her languages.

royal-enfield-u6AZAaKcayA-unsplash Mekong Delta

Françoise enjoys riding her Honda. She enjoys her trips out with her husband, and now and again, with her sons Tom and Luc, be it for a few hours in the UK or on longer trips, to the Pyrenees and into Spain, the Massif central or the Alps.

Taj Mahal jd-mason-xCPdjitY5sQ-unsplash

Françoise practices yoga. Apart from the obious physical and mental benefits, it helps her keeping focussed in her work.


Françoise enjoys running and fund-raising in the process, this is the Santa Dash in Chester and after the New York marathon.

Hiking and skiing are two other great hobbies of hers.

Skiing Santa Dash New York Marathon

Françoise and her husband Nigel enjoy independent backpacking holidays, India and Vietnam have left them with great memories.

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